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The Marijuana THC Drug Test Calculator

Patent Pending - Formulas Updated: October 5, 2013

Download now for Android Devices: Marijuana Drug Test Calculator
(iOS Support Coming Soon)

The passing probabilities and trendlines that this calculator provides are derived from the measurements and urine test results of several thousand people who have submitted their data to us. With this data, we're able to produce statistical formulations for both lab tested and home/on-site kit tested urine. Additionally, the passing probabilities and trendlines for non-tampered urine specimens versus their tampered counterparts (via the use of detoxification products or dilution methods) are reported. There is absolutely no evidence suggesting that detoxification products perform better than dilution methods. In fact, both methods produce the same results. Stop using detoxification products - they are a waste of money.

DIRECTIONS: Completely fill in the form below. When measuring the circumference of your waist, it is essential that you take the measurement at your belly button. The size of your pants is not a waist measurement and may skew the accuracy of your calculation. It's best to use a tape measure. However, a regular ruler, a piece of string, and some basic math skills will be adequate. If you lack a piece of string, be creative!

On a scale of 1 - 5, make the following selections:
( 1 = lowest, shortest, slowest / 5 = highest, longest, fastest )

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