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Marijuana Central is proud to offer our services to the Cannabis Industry. Always working toward the cutting edge, we boast a list of features to help you accomplish your goals. Our system grants access to powerful tools, including our Marijuana Drug Test Calculator API, that will instantly help you grow and build relationships with the customers visiting your business everyday. Contact us and create your account today!


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This day and age, customers expect to see real-time menus with available products to purchase. Our platform seamlessly integrates your online menu system with your business profile page, which will help your visitors locate and purchase the products they desire for pickup or delivery. Everyone loves saving with coupons and promotions. Encourage more sales with attractive deals that will make your customers happy and coming back for more!

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Running a business is challenging, as there are many aspects to focus on. Email Marketing is one of them — and it is still the best way to get the word out about your business and keep/attract new customers. As times change, marketing systems need to change as well. This is where Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) comes in. It allows companies to execute marketing campaigns to their fullest while allowing in-house personnel to focus on the fundamental and daily business needs of your company.

To assist with your marketing needs, we've turned parts of our platform into interactive plugins that can be installed on any website with a few lines of code. When your customers subscribe through one of our applications, our MaaS System will send promotional deals and information linked directly to your business on our behalf. Additionally, our website applications can be shared to social media fan pages and/or printed up as a QR code that customers can scan as they walk through your store.


Order print media items that are tagged with a unique QR code that anyone can scan with their mobile device. Add a custom poster or cashier stand while your customers check out and capture the valuable foot-traffic visiting your storefront everyday.


Through the use of data twinning, you'll be able to generate detailed reports of customers that have visited your cannabis business and have an interest in your products. Be prepared to take your Marketing ROI strategies to the next level. Sign up and get started today!


Elevate your brand and digital reach with Marijuana Central. Create your free account or update your existing marijuana related listing. Start by adding your business, location, details, and social media fan page that will be featured on our network, mobile apps, and accessible by customers nationwide.